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We help transform commercial buildings and occupant experience by converting big data into action points.

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Monitor the indoor air quality and overcome HVAC challenges with IoT technology

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Reduce energy and operational costs

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Increase revenues by creating a safe indoor environment

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Increase performance and productivity

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Reinforce brand equity by investing in public health

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Breathe Peace of Mind

  • Workplaces

  • Education

  • Retail

  • Hospitality

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Increase indoor air quality, avoid performance loss

We will be back at the office soon. It is important to create a healthy workplace environment more than ever. 

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studying students in a library showing indoor air quality in schools and education

Pupils are smart; what about the school buildings?

Take action and create a healthy learning environment for all students and school staff. 

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Offer clean air to your customers.

With increased indoor air quality awareness, it is the perfect time to offer clean air to your customers and invest in your brand equity. 

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Drive bookings by delivering air safe guest experience

Communicate your effort to sustain safe and healthy indoor air to your guests and make a difference in hospitality.

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What our clients say?

"To have the data at my fingertips personally and professionally to act on air quality. This is from a health perspective (amplified by the COVID) but also an energy perspective. Using this data, we can reach savings millions of more kWh and dollars a year in our projects while offering a value-added service to our customers and investors."
Charles Blaschke IV
Taka Solutions - CEO & Founder
Sensgreen was able to address our requirements of flexibility, great mobile app, visitor QR-based screens, freedom from cables, and cloud-based access from anywhere. We're proud to be pioneers in the utilization of such new technology which I believe soon become a standard practice in all the premium gyms that visions to stand out. Without data, we're just speculators, well done Sensgreen!
Zeynep Uygun
Managing Director-Snap Fitness Turkey
"Due to the pandemic, the air quality inside buildings is in the spotlight. But this has always been true and decisive for those who live many hours inside closed spaces. Better air quality increases health standards and, especially allows people to work better and be more productive. Sensgreen solution for indoor air control and a symbiotic connection with the Facilio platform enables a better quality of life because Air Quality matters! Thank you Sensgreen"
Fabio Lamberti
Facilio - Director EMEA

"Sensgreen helps facilities towards HVAC reliability and health via state-of-the-art indoor air quality solutions. Now I'm on a mission to convert all my facilities into smart-er ones."


Levent Sahiner
Sodexo Facilities Services - Technical Manager
"Air Quality has been the most underrated problem that's impacting the whole world. Although outside air is beneath our control, there is so much that can be done for the indoor air. Sensgreen is finally lifting the curtain up for professionals like us to see the problems and attend to them for improving wellbeing and productivity. From an energy perspective, all the focus has been on the efficiency of the devices in the HVAC system, but now we are able to uncover the hidden chunk and observe the distribution of conditioned air, the blind spots, and over-utilized HVAC. Simply put, it gives the energy professionals a scale to balance the energy vs. wellbeing to their optimum."
Taylan Karakaya
Recton Energy Solutions - General Manager & Founder
"We can now see what we are breathing, the whole mix of what's in the air. Living in a city isn't pretty and since we have now installed an air purifying unit in two bedrooms, which has improved our night sleep but we can also see the difference."
Colin Steley
Senior Investment Specialist, Asian Development Bank (ADB)
"Sensgreen, as one of our partners at our TechSquare entrepreneurship programme, offers successful air quality measurement solutions to the indoor environments with their technology."
Mert Esenli
Koc Sistem- Manager

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