Smart Energy Clamp & Platform

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Energy Meter and Sensgreen IoT Platform
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Product Details

The energy clamp is a self-powered and cable-free energy meter. It comes with Sensgreen IoT Platform and Mobile App for advanced analytics and reporting.

Hardware Specifications:

  • Plug and Play Installation
  • Battery-free, self-charging
  • Measure from 100mA up to 300A
  • 99.87% Accuracy

Platform Capabilities:

  • Unlimited data storage
  • Energy analytics reports
  • Advanced alarm features with scenario setting (Alarm duration, Whatsapp, Telegram, SMS, Email Alerts)
  • Instant Export to Excel

Use Cases

  • Sub-metering for audits, energy efficiency, cost allocation
  • Critical equipment monitoring for anomalous behavior and fault detection
  • Load and phase balancing
  • Energy budget management
  • Multi-utility dashboards (elec., gas, water).
  • Peak demand reduction tracking
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