Noise Level Sensor & Platform

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LoRaWAN sound level sensor comes with an integrated microphone. It is capable of measuring a wide range of noise levels and sending various kinds of noise level values and supports multiple weighing measurements for different application scenarios. It is being used in health and safety applications.
It comes with Sensgreen IoT Platform and Mobile App for advanced analytics and reporting.

Hardware Specifications:

  • Easy Installation with double-sided tape/Screw
  • 30 dBA to 120 dBA, 35 dBC to 120 dBC
  • 4-Year Battery Life
  • ± 3 dB Accuracy with 0.1 dB resolution

Platform Capabilities:

  • Unlimited data storage
  • Advanced alarm features with scenario setting (Alarm duration, Whatsapp, Telegram, SMS, Email Alerts)
  • Instant Export to Excel
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