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Students are smart. What about the school buildings?

Improve student performance and healthiness by improving indoor air quality in schools with Sensgreen

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A research study focusing on to IEQ of green and conventional buildings showed that in green
buildings the cognitive performance of the occupants was 61% better with lower CO2 and VOC levels ¹
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Improved IAQ increases productivity and improves the performance of mental tasks ² 
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In a study, in better-ventilated classes, student's test scores were higher up to 15% in comparison to classrooms with lower ventilation rates.² 
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In K-12 districts it's been observed that as much as 30% of a district's total energy is used inefficiently or unnecessarily. ³
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Long-time exposure to high levels of CO2 may cause nausea, dizziness, headache, and other symptoms. ⁴ 

Without clean air indoors and regular maintenance of HVAC systems what students may experience are:

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Respiratory health effects, (including asthma)

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Overall performance decreases

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Increased Absenteesim

What Sensgreen Offers?

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Ready to instantly deploy IAQ monitoring system.

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Data sharing with 3rd parties (Parents, etc.).

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Optimization of HVAC systems by AI data analysis.

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Data tracking option from various platforms.

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Instant notification system for teachers in case of critical recordings.

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COVID-19 transmission risk calculation by indexing IAQ parameters.


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