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On average heating and cooling systems are responsible for 38% of the energy used in retails. ¹ 
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The frequency of catching a common cold of the retail store employees is statistically correlated with indoor PM 2.5 levels. ¹
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Covid droplets spread through the air by small particles & droplets and can stay in the air for hours, possibly putting your customers & staff members in danger. ² 
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Indoor food courts, dry clothing services, and home good stores are causing higher CO2, tVOC, and PM10 levels.  ³ 
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Studies have shown that within the malls and their vicinity, air quality may be affected by the traffic and the parking lots since cars release toxic exhaust the most when moving at slower speeds.  

Without continuous indoor air monitoring, regular maintenance, and optimization of HVAC systems, retail stores and malls may observe:

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Hot-Cold complaints


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Increased absenteeism rate of staff members


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Increased heating and cooling expenses and inefficient energy usage patterns

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Increased Covid-19 Transmission risk due to poor ventilation in indoor spaces *

What Sensgreen Offers?

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Ready to instantly deploy IAQ monitoring system

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Monitoring IAQ and help retail establishments to comply with ASHRAE Standard 62.1

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Optimization of HVAC systems and energy savings by AI data analysis.

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 Improve green image and improve customer satisfaction (Post-Covid)

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Instant notification system and smart alarms in case of critical readings.

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Covid-19 transmission risk calculation by indexing IAQ parameters.


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