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On average, hotels are spending 2.000 $ (6% of all operational costs) yearly for each available room just for energy consumption. ¹ 
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91% of the customers think indoor air quality is important to prevent Covid-19, 76% say that IAQ of the building makes them feel better about entering the building and 52% is willing to pay more to stay in a hotel with better indoor air quality ²  
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VOCs can cause serious health problems for your guests & employees from allergies to visual disorders, and the concentration can be up to 10 times higher indoors. ³
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Covid droplets spread through the air by small particles & droplets and can stay in the air for hours.
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Low humidity makes people more susceptible to infections, while high levels of it can set off mold growth on-premises. 

Without continuous indoor air monitoring, regular maintenance, and optimization of HVAC systems, in hotels you may observe:

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Allergic reactions to air pollutants (visitors, staff etc.)

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Unexpected mold growth on premises

Energy expenses

Increases in overall  energy expenses

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Increased Covid-19 Transmission risk due to poor ventilation in indoor spaces *

What Sensgreen Offers?

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Ready to instantly deploy IAQ monitoring system

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Display air quality, receive customer feedback and increase customer satisfaction 

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Optimization of HVAC systems and energy savings by AI data analysis.

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 Improve green image, Increase brand value (Post-Covid)

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Instant notification system and smart alarms in case of critical recordings.

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Covid-19 transmission risk calculation by indexing IAQ parameters.


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