Monitor and take the indoor air under control on a single dashboard.

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Past, Present, And Future

Real-Time Data Tracking

See real-time data as the readings reach the system on the dashboard and on your phone. Identify the source of the problem instantly. Track your data from the past,  observe the trends, and predict the future.

A cellphone and a tablet screen showing Sensboard-real-time-data-tracking
Tablet screen showing sensboard-rooms-track-data
You have the control

Room by Room

Track and analyze the data for every room on your premises easily with just one click.


Set Alarms and Customize

Set different alarms for different spaces. If the system catches any anomalies, receive instant notifications via Whatsapp, Email or on your phone.

two tablet screens showing sensboard's-dashboard-alerts
cellphone showing the app interface of sensgreen mobile dashboard on its screen
Multi Platform

No Limits

Reach your data anytime, anywhere on your phone.

Perfect For Teams

Create Teams, Centralize Reporting

On our new dashboard, now you can add new members to your team and assign them to different parts of your buildings with centralized reporting.

square image of a dashboard showing how to create team members on sensboard
tablet screen showing sensboard-comparison-indoor-outdoor on sensboard

Detailed View

On Sensboard, together with detailed statistics for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), now customers can also see the outdoor air quality (OAQ) around their buildings for better optimization.

Optimized Buildings

Automated Reports

Get monthly, quarterly and annual reports filled with insights that are generated from the big data collected all over the building to optimize HVAC operations. 

picture of sensgreen monthly-analysis-report created by sensboard
image of sensboard-api and integrations
Flexible Integration

Integrate Into Your Platform

Get all data & analysis into your platform and applications by using Sensgreen REST API Platform.