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  • We save energy in commercial buildings by improving occupants thermal comfort.

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Existing HVAC control mechanisms are not able to adapt to the dynamism of today’s offices

  • Energy waste

    is 30% of the total consumption in avarage.

  • Poor indoor climate

    causes to decrease productivity.

  • Thermostat wars

    give rise to lack of concentration and motivation.

What we offer

As Sensgreen, we are optimizing operation of existing HVAC units in an intelligent way.

  • Easy Installation

    Thanks to our plug-and-play sensors, installation is super easy.

  • Energy Efficiency

    We provide energy saving up to 25% in your HVAC related consumption.

  • Productivity

    We increase your thermal comfort and productivity.

Underlying Magic

Smart, effortless, impressive

  • Sensors

    Wireless sensors make us able to learn your building.

  • Intelligent Algorithm

    The best output for efficiency and productivity is provided.

  • Mobile App

    We learn your thermal needs with very simple feedback.

  • Data-driven Control

    Dynamic control for your HVAC units is offered.

Our Supporters

Special thanks to whom supports us from our very first day

  • Google
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Ministry
  • GrowthCircuit
  • ODTUTeknokent
  • DraperUniversity
  • RocketSpace
  • GirVak

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